Metal Deck Balusters; Why and How to Choose Ones

Using metal deck balusters is great as there are many options that are available for you and there are many advantages of using them. Baluster guarantees improved safety and comfort around the edges of stairs and elevated deck. Baluster thus needs to be made from strong and durable material. There are many materials that can be used to make baluster, including wood, vinyl and metal. If you want to install new balusters on your handrail or banister, here are several good reasons why you should pick metal baluster.

  1. Metal baluster will not rot.

Unlike wood baluster, metal baluster will never rot, even if it is constantly exposed to elements. Wood baluster may rot because of exposure to elements or because of termite attack. Compared to wood baluster, metal baluster is more resistant to those damaging elements.

  1. Metal baluster will not shrink or expand.

Metal baluster is a more favored choice if compared to vinyl baluster because extreme temperature and exposure to elements will least likely cause the former to shrink or expand. Vinyl baluster, on the other hand, is very susceptible to deformation.

When you want to choose metal baluster for your railing, you need to specify the type of metal that you want to use. Metal balusters are generally made from steel, iron or aluminum. All of those materials can be powder-coated and painted; however, many people prefer to use aluminum due to its resistance to rust. Steel and iron are quite prone to rust especially if they lose the coating. Aluminum will not show any signs of rust even if there are exposed parts of it. Besides, aluminum is more lightweight and cheaper than steel. Using metal deck baluster that is made from aluminum is thus a good decision if you are looking for the best and the most affordable solution for your railing system.

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