How to Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher for Your Building

Placing fire extinguishers in various parts of your building is one of the most effective methods to prevent fire from severely devastating your property and injuring or killing people. Although a fire extinguisher is basically characterized by its distinctive red color, there are actually different types of fire extinguisher that you can place in your premises. You have to make sure that you choose the right type of fire extinguisher depending on the flammable materials that are present in your premises. Besides, you also have to think about how the tube will be placed in the building. The most common way to place fire extinguisher is by putting it in its holding brackets; however, it is also possible for you to buy fire extinguisher cabinets to store the tubes.

When choosing the right type of fire extinguisher to be placed in your building, the type of flammable materials that are present in your building becomes the most important factor. Basically, the types of fire extinguisher can be distinguished by observing the letter that appears on the tube: class A water-based fire extinguisher for dousing dry combustibles like wood and paper; class B contains carbon dioxide and dry ice and is intended for use with liquid combustibles like petroleum; class C is for dry chemical powder; and class D is for reactive metals. Certain types of fire extinguisher may belong to two classes instead of one. You can then buy a class AB or class BC fire extinguisher, which are useful for extinguishing fires emitted by their classes’ respective designated combustible materials.

A fire extinguisher is generally attached to holding brackets that are fixed to a wall. However, for aesthetic and safety reason, it is also possible for you to put the tube in a cabinet. If you think that the cabinet is necessary, remember that many stores that sell fire extinguishers also sell cabinets for them.

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